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FAQs and Booking Information

What kind of music can the harp play?

The harp is an amazingly flexible instrument that can provide music in a variety of styles, from classical to popular and light jazz. It is the ideal instrument for background music - for groups up to about 80, it will carry beautifully without drowning your conversation, and for larger events I can either provide amplification, or suggest you consider one of my duo options! Visit the repertoire page to learn more about the range of music I can play for you.

Does the harp need any accompaniment?

The harp needs no piano or accompaniment, as it is complete by itself, but combines beautifully for example with flute or cello as in my ensemble options, or makes an ideal accompaniment for a singer in your wedding ceremony.

Can the harp play outdoors?

The harp can be taken outdoors for example during your drinks reception, weather permitting, though I do stipulate that the harp be placed in a shady location, as direct sunlight can be very damaging. There is a small extra charge for playing outdoors to cover the extra wear on the strings.

What sorts of events can you play for?

I have played for a huge range of events, not only weddings, but anniversary and birthday celebrations, corporate receptions and dinners, private dinner parties, car and product launches, anything from an intimate dinner for four to a ball for a thousand guests, even a river cruise! The harp always adds an elegant atmosphere to any event, so consider the possibility for whatever you are planning.

What part of the wedding day do you usually play for?

There are three different segments that most people consider using my music:

• Church or civil ceremonies (music while your guests take their seats; entrance of the bride;
signing of the register; exit of bride, groom and guests)
• Drinks reception (As your guests arrive and while your photos are being taken)
• The Wedding Breakfast meal
You can choose any one or combine the various parts as best suits your preferences.

How long do you play for and how much will it cost?

My prices start at £200 to play for your ceremony. A drinks reception or wedding breakfast meal each on their own would be about 2 hours, but combined would be about 3 hours. Please see attachment for my current prices.

Can you help us choose the music for our ceremony?

Absolutely! When you book me to play for a church or civil ceremony, a consultation at my studio is included free in the price. I can play various options to help you choose exactly the music you like best. If it is not convenient to meet in person, I have also been known to play selections down the phone, or you can use the website to help make your choices.

What geographical area do you cover?

I am based near Cheltenham, and cover the area from Bristol to Birmingham and the West Midlands, including Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and the Cotswolds.

How can I find out more?

I am always happy to discuss your questions - just call me on 07712 650056. Or you can use the contact form on the website to find out if I am available for your date, or any other questions you would like to ask!

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Baby Harp And The London Harp Sound
Two new versions of a delightful CD by a spectacular ensemble of 16 international harpists.

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